Sunday, November 15, 2015

SMAC108 Drone Registration and Airplane Parachutes

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Carl Valeri at Wyoming Valley Airport, PA
Carl At Wyoming Valley Airport , PA

Welcome to Episode 108. In this episode we discuss the proposed drone registration and airplane parachutes. The Cirrus Ballistic Recovery system saves another life and we discuss this incident. We also have some cool flying videos to discuss. Drone registration is proposed to increase safety promote education on the safe use of drones.

This episode was recorded on Veterans Day and we have a special message to Veterans who are important in our lives. We especially want to say thanks to our veteran friends and family of the podcast.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Aircraft Insurance: More Options = More Savings

Aircraft Insurance: More Options = More Savings

It’s simple, really. Having more options within a market creates competition which drives down prices. This same statement can be applied to the aviation insurance industry. For years, one direct writer dominated the aviation insurance market, charging premiums that best fit their own bottom line. Why not take advantage of the competition and save an average of 70%* on your aircraft insurance through Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR)?

Friday, November 6, 2015

Aviation Month on Savvy Central Radio!

    It's aviation month at Savvy Central Radio! I'm honored to be a part of this wonderful lineup. Check out what's coming up below! For my interview, click here.
    This November 2015 on Savvy Central Radio
    (Aviation Month poster designed by Windtee)
    Mon, Nov 02 Steve Thorne of Flight Chops Producer/film aviation.
    Fri, Nov... 06 Victoria Neuville Zajko author of Turbo the Flying Dog
    Mon, Nov 09 Jeffrey Robert Moss aka "MossY" 2010 National Flight Instructor of the Year.
    Fri, Nov 13 Lockheed Martin American global aerospace, defense, security and advanced technologies company.
    Mon, Nov 16 Abingdon Watches Aviation watches for women.
    Fri, Nov 20 Ariel Tweto - TV producer and actor of "Air Alaska" Discovery Channel, Pilot
    Mon, Nov 23 Paul Harrop AOPA Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
    Fri, Nov 27 Captain Doron Certified Flight Instructor and Commercial Pilot
    Mon, Nov 30 Daren Sorenson United States Air Force F-15 Fighter Pilot

Monday, November 2, 2015

SMAC107 Flying With ALS – Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Flying a Maule, and More

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Welcome to Episode 107 of The Stuck Mic AvCast, an aviation podcast about Learning To Fly, Living to Fly, and Loving to Fly! Sharing the magic of aviation is a joy flight instructors experience every day. Occasionally, instructors have a student which changes our lives and perspective on life. Today we discuss flying with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) and how the lessons have changed the life of both the student and the instructor.

Joining us for this episode are two guest hosts Russ Roslewski, flight instructor and aviation blogger; and Tom Frick, Flight Instructor from West Florida. Are regular hosts Victoria and Carl also join the conversation today.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Original Turbo the Flying Dog - Circa 1944

Turbo's Navy ID
I would like to thank aviation enthusiast, Russell, for bringing another amazing Turbo to my attention. The "original" Turbo was a female flying dog who served with our nation's Navy in World War II. What's great is that judging by the pictures, present day Turbo and WWII Turbo shared the same floppy ears for a short period of time! Below is a short history on Turbo, in Russell's words:

Rescued at sea
Turbo was born November 19, 1944 and became the mascot of a Navy Patrol Bomber crew in the latter part of WWII, primarily cared for by co-pilot Loyd Malcolm Bettis.
Ens. Loyd Bettis (later promoted to Lieutenant junior grade), was a member of Squadron VPB-121 and was copilot on a Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer.

Turbo trained with the crew in the Privateer during their training at Camp Kearny.
This crew's original Privateer was the first aircraft of this type that was lost in WWII January 12th 1945. After multiple engine failures, the crew had to ditch their plane 500 miles off the coast of California. All were saved, and happily, Turbo was rescued also after 9 hours in a rubber life raft.

Turbo ^ Ens. Bettis. Tinian, 1945
Turbo on Tinian
Turbo in training (see the ears?!)

Turbo became a member of The Sea Squatters Club, which honors airmen that ditched and survived in a rubber life raft.  The society was created by the Walter Kidde Company.  Presumably, Turbo was also honored as a member of the Goldfish Club, a British organization with the same mission as the Sea Squatter's organization, since Ens. Bettis was inducted.

The crew was assigned a new plane, noseart "Abroad for Action," and Turbo went with her crew to the war in the Pacific. 

They performed their assigned role as a Navy Patrol Bomber in the Marianas Islands:  Eniwetok April 1945, Guam July 1945, Tinian August 1945, and Iwo Jima later in August 1945. Yes, Turbo was at Tinian, the island where the B-29s took off and delivered atomic bombs on Japan, greatly shortening the war. She was likely a witness to this historic event.

After the war, Turbo returned to the States, but sadly, she didn't live a long life as a veteran of WWII. 

The only flying Consolidated Privateer was at Oshkosh this year, although it looks considerably different than wartime planes, without the nose and tail gun turrets and side blisters.

Years ago, Loyd Bettis wife, Elinor, allowed me to make a copy of her husband's WWII Navy scrapbook, so that other family members could have a copy.

He became an Eastern airline pilot after the war.  He passed away early in 1973 from cancer.  I never met him since I didn't become acquainted with his daughter until 2000.  He is survived by his wife, Elinor, and daughters, Ann, and Kathe.  His son, Alan passed away in 2006.

Enjoy the history of the first Turbo and remember our veterans! (human and canine)

Turbo's Sea Squatters Card

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Trip of Choices - Part 3

The last night Up North
Life is nuts. Previously I had written about our flight to upper Michigan. Now it's time to tell you how we (finally) got back! The morning it was time to leave upper Michigan we awoke to some nasty storms on the radar. What was once predicted as "scattered storms" was now a frontal system the size of the whole state. That's summer weather for you! A call to Flight Service told us we would not be departing for at least another 8 hours. Although our plans were once again disrupted, we made the best of it and had lunch at our favorite spot, did some shopping and hit the beach one more time.

Friday, October 2, 2015

SMAC105 Preparing for a Real In-Flight Emergency

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Pre-Flight Checklist
Photograph: Jacob Steinberg for the Guardian
Photograph: Jacob Steinberg for the Guardian

Carl, Rick, Larry, Eric, and Sean are here, as well as a special guest Tom Frick.
Carl realized recently that he is an "AV Geek," or Aviation Geek.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

SMAC104 Owen Zupp, Inspirational Aviator from Down Under

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Jabiru and RAAF FA-18

Pre-Flight Checklist:
Carl, Sean, and Victoria are here with our special guest Owen Zupp from Australia! Owen loves to fly for the airlines and is also passionate about General Aviation. Thank you to Plane Crazy Down Under for hooking up Carl and Owen.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Trip of Choices - Part 2

Sleeping puppy number two
In my previous post, I had turned around and landed due to instrument conditions. Instead of arriving in upper Michigan, we were putting the plane away and deciding what to do with our Labor Day weekend. Meanwhile, my brother who we were supposed to pick up along the way, started the drive to upper Michigan. Not ready to give up, we looked at the weather again and determined it was doable in the Glasair since Bob was instrument current and we had on board weather. We unloaded the Cessna and had to go home to get the keys for airplane #2 and our weather map.